Link physical and logical access systems together with a
FIPS-compliant EntryPoint solution. EntryPoint integrates
with your existing PACS to ease management and PKI-enable
your security.

Access Control

You’re a large organization that’s invested years of person-hours into physical and logical access control systems. But now you want them to utilize two-factor authentication.

Or maybe you’re opening a new facility and need a new modern access control infrastructure that incorporates the latest cryptographic trust technology.

Either way, let EntryPoint’s easy-to-use solutions pave the way for your transition to PKI.

Our self-serve and operator-assisted applications make it easy to onboard new employees into your system. Or migrate users from one system to another. All while incorporating standards-based PKI technology and trust to move you towards two-factor authentication.

EntryPoint integrates with a number of leading PACS vendors and with Active Directory. Bring your different access control systems together using EntryPoint’s tools to manage people and credentials.