With over 15 years of service in some of the busiest facilities
in the U.S. Government, EntryPoint is road-tested
and ready to meet the security needs of your organization.

Government Solutions

With extensive experience in the government sector, EntryPoint can be the catalyst to modernize your security, physical access control, logical access control, and visitor management. Move away from passwords and proximity cards and simplify your employee’s workday by using the PIV card or other PKI-enabled token that they already have.

EntryPoint’s high-assurance physical access leverages the considerable public-key trust infrastructure of the U.S. Government to improve the security of your physical access system. Use PIV cards or other PKI-enabled tokens to immediately upgrade to two-factor authentication, and incorporate biometric authentication according to your organization’s timeline.

EntryPoint works with multiple physical and logical access systems. Our solution engineers stand at the ready to help integrate EntryPoint into your existing infrastructure to minimize change while providing a catalyst for future expansion.

EntryPoint can integrate with Active Directory to tie together your physical and logical access systems.

Streamline visits to your facilities with EntryPoint’s extensive visitor management functionality.

EntryPoint and Technology Industries have been in government service for over 15 years. Put that experience to work for you!