EntryPoint has been deployed in the U.S. Government,
private sector, and internationally. Read on to learn how
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Use Cases


CASESTUDY Visitor Management

U.S. Department of Defense Organization

The Challenge

The Department of Defense Organization’s goal is to protect and safeguard designated Department of Defense personnel, resources and facilities.  With this thought in mind, when the existing visitor management system became outdated and was no longer supported on newer software platforms, the organization embarked on finding a new system that would meet their requirements.  They wanted to speed up the visitor check in process, provide flexibility for registration as well as have visitors pre-registered and approved prior to arrival at sites.  By doing this, they believed they would be able reduce wait times, lines, the number of people in waiting rooms, and therefore, increase operational security within their facilities.  Requirements for the new visitor management system included but weren’t limited to:  the ability to integrate with existing systems for background checks and vetting (internal and external systems); validating ID’s (driver’s licenses, passports, etc); speed of registration; self registration via kiosks; managed registration; support for complex policies that contain multiple attributes about individuals (employee from other site, non-citizen, green card holder, etc); web portal for sponsor enrollment of visitors; evite style invite sent to visitors for completing pre-registration via the web portal; and scale (ability to support over 1,000 visitors per day at over 40 sites).

The Solution

Technology Industries’ EntryPoint visitor management system was selected as the solution.  EntryPoint supports all of the DoD organization’s requirements and provided them the ability to quickly issue visitor credentials and passes to individuals via a kiosk or a manned system.  Credentials and passes are as a simple as a paper sticker with the person’s picture and date of visit or sturdier physical ID badges for longer term stays so visitors would not have to go through the process of getting a visitor pass every day.  Additionally, the EntryPoint solution provides the ability to see when visitors arrive and when they leave the facility.

Business Results

The DoD Organization implemented the EntryPoint visitor management system for over 40 sites and created an easy to use, secure and highly scalable solution in order to pre-register, vet and badge visitors at their facilities.  The organization achieved it’s goal of implementing a new visitor management system that was easy to use for all involved, reduced wait times, lines and number of people in waiting rooms, thereby increasing operational security effectiveness.

Ease of Use

  • Web portal for sponsors to pre-register visitors
  • Evite style invite sent to visitors to complete pre-registration
  • Kiosks for self check in when allowed
  • Printing of multiple types of badges based on length of stay
  • Tracking and auditing of visitors entering and exiting facilities

Vetting of Individuals

  • Automated integration with internal and external systems for vetting of visitors
  • Document capture and validation – Driver’s License, Passports, etc.
  • Support for complex policies based on visitor attributes