EntryPoint offers highly customizable web and desktop
applications for invitations, preregistration, vetting,
check-in, and check-out.

Visitor Management

Whether for a one-on-one meeting, a multi-day conference, or a 100-person tour, EntryPoint streamlines your visitor process with our integrated suite of easy-to-use web and desktop applications. Tailored to the needs of the different users involved in a visit, each step of the visit process is covered.

Empower employees to set up their own events and invite guests using EntryPoint’s web-based Sponsor Portal.

Collect visitor details with EntryPoint’s customizable Registration Portal.

Set up multiple approval workflows for different types of visitor using EntryPoint’s flexible approach.

Facilitate vetting for different security stakeholders with EntryPoint’s web-based Approval Portal.

Check visitors in with our Station application and our self-serve Kiosks.

Enjoy a secure and seamless experience for visitors and staff.